The Selfish Meme Simulation Theory of Everything

1. Fundamental Laws and Processes

2. What You Really Are

3. Reality vs. Simulation

Simulation ≡ Reality

4. The Mind

Sentences in the language of visions are called qualia. They can lie to you, but you know better :)

5. The Problem with Language

6. The issue with “is”

7. The Selfish Meme

8. The Big Bang Computer

9. Natural Selection of Memes

A Turing-complete cellular automaton can simulate your subjective reality, Credit: xkcd #505. Read the corresponding explainxkcd entry for a deeper dive into cellular automata. I was inspired to put this xkcd here by Joseph Mellor’s article on finite fields.

10. The Structure of Everything

11. Falsifiability

12. Some Consequences

13. TL;DR

14. Recommended Reading

Epilogue: It From Bit



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