The Simulation Hypothesis is correct. Here’s why.

  1. Therefore, for anything to exist at all, it must take the form of a closed, timeless causal chain of events. Otherwise, we’ll be left with the open question of what first caused something to exist and why that existed.
  2. Our Universe exists as part of a closed causal chain of computational events that get executed on simulators that run possible subjective realities, which then form Universes that recursively simulate more realities, such that for each reality there’s some Universe in which it is simulated.
  3. In the Selfish Meme Theory, all that exists is a network of simulated observer-participants (memes) that parse and modify a shared state using various, sometimes overlapping, languages. Those memes are programs that run in a (from their perspective) simulating reality. Their overlapping subjective observations yield Universes, such as our familiar one that takes the form of a 4D space-time.
  4. Ordered structures, such as atoms, human minds and reality simulators, evolve from random noise (nothing) via substrate-neutral natural selection. We start with a stochastic search that discovers elementary ops/rules which then evolve into increasingly complex expressions of simulated objects. To evolve ordered structures of higher complexity, existing structures replicate, recombine and form new persistent structures. This is what we observe everywhere in nature (i.e. cosmological natural selection).
  5. Structures of comparable complexity on the same layers of organization appear to attract each other to form new, more complex structures. The fundamental forces are consequences of the selection algorithm that underlies the simulation.
  6. In the Selfish Meme Theory, what is not observed, and therefore has no causal influence within the network of subjective Realities, does not exist. Only subjective observation/causation creates concrete states. This explains the wave-particle duality and the Fermi paradox.



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Bernhard Mueller

Bernhard Mueller


Hackers (1995) fan • “Best Research” Pwnie Awardee • Former degen trader • P(G(F)) = ∀y q(y, G(F))